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1949 BEDFORD OB, MHU49, 207

MHU49 was Bristol Tramways’ first new post war Bedford, and their first new OB, taking the fleet number 207. It entered service in December 1949, fitted with a Duple B30F body, and saw service in Weston-super-Mare and Stroud before being withdrawn in 1958, retaining its petrol engine throughout.

The bus was sold to F.J.Miller, the Bristol dealer, and sold on to Mid Wales Motorways, Newtown, where it saw service for over 18 years before passing into preservation.

207 was acquired eventually by William Staniforth in 1979 and followed him around the country with his various work appointments,  but is currently in store in the Midlands.

Mike Walker acquired 207 for the Bristol Omnibus Vehicle Collection early in 2009, but a start may not be made on restoration until later 2009 or early 2010.