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1965 BRISTOL MW6G, BHU92C, 2138

Delivered to Bristol Omnibus Company in 1965, 2138 was one of seven of this type diverted from an order for the Eastern National Omnibus Company in Chelmsford, Essex. She was fitted with an underfloor 6-cylinder Gardner HLW diesel engine and a five speed manual gearbox, and does not have power steering. She entered service on April 1st in the cream and red colours of the Bristol Greyhound coach fleet and ran on a variety of express coach services, tours and private hires from the West Country for seven years. She was then repainted green and put to work on local bus services around Bristol as a one man bus.  

When withdrawn she passed through the ownership of the Wells Buses Preservation Group and Mr Ken Horler of Bath until being cared for by the late Ted Amos of Bristol, who spent much time and effort keeping her in good condition, and often used her as a family car for holidays! Whilst with Ted she was also borrowed by Badgerline to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Bristol Greyhound Bristol to London express service with two celebratory runs over the original route. When Ted died, BHU92C passed to Mike Walker who has arranged for the interior to be retrimmed (in a copy of the original moquette) and the outside to be repainted.  

During 2006 she was returned to full PSV status on passing a class 6 MOT test, and during the winter of 2007/2008 she was been repanelled, rerubbered and again and repainted. She has been used on several private hires and used on service by North Somerset Coaches to celebrate their 40th anniversary: in addition she starred in the BBC drama documentary entitled “Motown Legends”, playing a coach from the nineteen sixties.