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1966 BRISTOL MW6G, FHW156D, 2150

Delivered to Bristol Omnibus Company in 1966, 2150 was one of seven Bristol MW coaches built with a completely different coach body than previously, based broadly on that type of body fitted top the Bristol RE chassis. She has a Gardner 6LW underfloor engine, a five speed manual gearbox, no power steering and vacuum brakes, just like sister coach 2138 (BHU92C). The body seats 39, although is I foot longer than 2138 at 31 feet. Forced air ventilation takes the place of the opening windows that would otherwise have been fitted.

Withdrawn from Bristol Omnibus service in 1973/74, she was used as a one man bus at Losthwithiel, Cornwall until around 1982 when she moved to Kimes of Sleaford, Lincolnshire and then on to Scarborough and District Motor Services.

She then entered preservation, having had a variety of owners until being acquired by Martin Curtis and Mike Walker for the collection early in 2009 from Neil Millington in Yorkshire. Mike and Neil had previously collaborated on the special order of moquette so that 2150 and 2138 could be retrimmed, and consequently the two coaches have identical and interior trim.

2150 has a class 5 MOT and, although she will be smartened up and perhaps repainted during the winter of 2009/10 or 2010/11, she has been well cared for and is fit for rallying in her current condition.