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1950 BEDFORD OB, MHU193, 219

MHU193 is not Bristol Tramways 219.

Bristol Tramways 219, registered MHU915, was an identical Bedford OB with Mulliner bus bodywork that was ordered by the small village bus company Dundry Pioneer: as a result of the nationalisation of public transport at that time the Bristol Tramways and Carriage Company acquired Dundry Pioneer on behalf of the British Transport Commission together with its service from central Bristol to Dundry. A Bedford OB ordered by Dundry Pioneer was delivered new to the Tramways. This was given fleet number 219 and operated in Tramways service for about six years.

At about the same time as MHU915 arrived with the Tramways, MHU193 was delivered new to Clifton College for transporting school children between the College and the playing fields over the other side of the Clifton suspension bridge. Although outwardly identical, MHU193 had wooden slatted seats more suited to the carriage of school children and their games kit. MHU193 served the college for well for over 30 years and has since been with a variety of preservationists before being acquired by Mike Walker in late 2006. On acquisition some of the framework and panels had to be replaced and the bus has been restored and overhauled mechanically, however the wooden slatted seats need to be replaced with something more appropriate. The bus made its first appearance at the Bristol Brislington Rally of August 2007, and attended the Kingsbridge “7 feet 6 inch Running Day” in September 2008 as a replica of Tramways’ 219, and she has also featured in a Bristol made film about The Holocaust. In August 2009 she journeyed to Luton to take part in the Bedford OB 70th Anniversary celebrations.