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1951 BRISTOL LWL6B NHY947, 2815

Bristol Greyhound coach 2815 was delivered in 1951 and was an eight foot wide Bristol LWL with Bristol’s own AVW engine and a fully fronted Eastern Coach Works 35-seat coach body. After a full life on express services, she went into preservation with the Company’s own preservation group, before passing on eventually to an Essex coach operator who had her fully restored, although in the process preferring to replace the original concealed radiator with a PV2 radiator. In this form the coach passed to Holland.  

In the spring of 2007 Mike Walker secured the coach for the Collection, and as at the end of November 2007 she arrived back in the UK on a low-loader where she successfully passed her MOT test. She has now been restored to her original enclosed front (with parts donated by Tony Brown), has been repainted, and has received attention to her engine – involving a new cylinder head – before being represented for her MOT at the beginning of May, and she made her public debut at the Bristol Harbourside Rally in May 2009.