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1958 BRISTOL MW5G 924AHY, 2934

924AHY was the last single deck bus to be delivered to Bristol Omnibus Company with the 36 inch x 12 inch destination display, later replaced by a “T” box, with separate destination and number displays. She has an underfloor Gardner 5-cylinder engine and a five speed manual gearbox, and is without power steering. She was from the first batch of Bristol MW buses produced to replace the Bristol LS bus (of which NHU2 was the prototype). She operated firstly as a two man bus and then as a one man bus, spending some of the mid nineteen sixties at Lawrence Hill depot in Bristol being used on country services around Bristol, and as a spare bus for the “City Centre Circle” service.  

When withdrawn she ended up in the north east of England, being put to a variety of uses, and was offered to Mike Walker a few years ago. Since then she has been refurbished internally including a restoration of the original “fluted” seats, repanelled and repainted outside, and is now presented as she may have looked when in use on the City Centre Circle service.