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1984 BRISTOL “OLYMPIAN” A952SAE, 9552 (34552)

9552, A952SAE, entered service with Bristol Omnibus Company in 1984 for Bristol City Services, and is believed to be the last Bristol-built bus to be withdrawn by First Bristol in September 2007, ending the association of Bristol built buses operating with the major Bristol transport provider for almost 100 years.  

9552 was fitted with a 76-seat single door body by Charles H Roe of Leeds, and is powered by a Gardner 6LX diesel engine. She completed over 20-years of service on the streets of Bristol before passing to Mike Walker in October 2007, having spent the previous 2 years dressed in Bristol Tramways and Carriage Company blue and white livery as a salute to 100 years of the company, being numbered as the next tram in sequence (238) and being named by the grandson of the company’s founder, Sir George White. In this form she regularly operated the service between Bristol Centre and the University of The West of England.

During the winter of 2007 she was refitted to become a mobile exhibition bus, control room and driver’s rest room for the Collection, and she will be attending rallies from 2008 onwards, marking the centenary of the beginning of bus building in Bristol.