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9554, A954SAE, was delivered to Bristol Omnibus Company in 1983 for Bristol City Services, and was the last Bristol-built bus to be delivered new to the company, ending an association between the Bristol operating company and the Bristol manufacturing company that had lasted over 70-years.  

9554 was fitted with a 76-seat single door body by Charles H Roe of Leeds, and is powered by a Gardner 6LX diesel engine. She completed over 20-years of service on the streets of Bristol before passing to Mike Walker, Martin and Tom Curtis in early 2006: since acquisition she has been repainted into the National green livery in which she would have entered service although the interior remains very much as withdrawn. She retains her class 6 MOT certificate and is therefore still able to operate for hire and reward. In fact, she was used at to ferry music fans between The Glastonbury Festival and Castle Cary Railway Station during 2007, 2008 and 2009, on hire to Bath Bus Company Ltd.