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1949 BRISTOL L5G LHY976, C2736

LHY976 entered service with the Bristol Tramways and Carriage Company on November 1st 1949 as Bristol City Service bus no. C2736: Bristol was unique in specifying two doors for the Bristol L-type single deck bus. She has a 5-cylinder Gardner diesel engine and a five speed manual gearbox. Amongst the routes she would have operated on would have been the service between Temple Meads Station and The Zoo, and she would, of course, have carried a conductor.

At the end of her service life she was used for a number of years by the Bristol Omnibus Preservation Group, before disappearing from the rally scene for many years. Tim Jennings of Somerbus acquired her and spent many hours restoring her both inside and out, and finally sold her to Martin Curtis and Mike Walker several years ago. She has had very little work done on her since, and retains a class 5 MOT.