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1946 BRISTOL K6A JHT802, C3386

JHT802 was first licensed for service on July 30th 1946: at that time she was fitted with a Gardner diesel engine. In the mid nineteen fifties the original body was taken from the bus (due to rot in the wooden frame) and the chassis refurbished and fitted with an AEC 7.7 litre 6-cylinder diesel engine and a 1949 double deck body taken from another bus. In this form she operated Bristol City Services until the mid nineteen sixties when she passed to Casey’s Camping Equipment to act as a mobile exhibition.  

When Casey’s had finished with her she was taken to a farm at Cribbs Causeway where it was the intention to restore her, but she passed through two owners with little progress being made over a period of over 30 years. She came into Mike Walker’s ownership a few years ago, and in 2005 was taken to The Scottish Bus Museum near Dunfermline where a total restoration is almost finished. It is anticipated that she will make her rally circuit debut during 2009.