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1965 BRISTOL FLF6G CHY419C, C7201

CHY419C was one of over 300 Bristol FLF type double deck buses delivered to Bristol Omnibus Company, becoming the standard double deck bus of the nineteen sixties. The “FLF” code indicated a Flat floor, Long, Front entrance bus of the low floor “Lodekka” type, giving passengers a one step entrance and flat floor long before the present generation of accessible buses. C7201 had seventy seats and lasted 18 years on Bristol City services before becoming a hospitality unit at Rolls Royce engines. Its history after that is a little vague but it now resides at the Chelveston Bus Preservation Group’s premises where the slow work of restoration has started: she is owned by Martin Curtis.  

When built C7201 had Bristol’s own BVW 6-cylinder diesel engine, but this was later replaced by a Gardner 6-cylinder unit. As a City bus she had a four speed gearbox.