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1966 BRISTOL FLF6B FHU59D, C7246

C7246 was delivered to the Bristol Joint services fleet of Bristol Omnibus Company in February 1966 with chassis number 213.024, one of over 50 of that type of bus delivered during the year: she was fitted with an Eastern Coach Works 70-seat body. Like most Bristol City buses, C7246 was fitted with Bristol’s own BVW diesel engine, a power unit that is still fitted today: with a four speed gearbox, she is capable of about 37 miles per hour. She was withdrawn from service during 1983 and was used afterwards by the staff at Cheltenham and Gloucester’s Stroud depot as a carol bus, being much modified for this role.

After being bought for preservation, she passed through a number of owners before being acquired by Mike Walker in March 2006: her previous owner, Adrian Hewlett, had completed some work and arranged for her to be painted into the National green livery in which she would have seen out her service days. A complete restoration will be undertaken during the next few years.