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1955 BRISTOL KSW6B, E.C.W. H60R, UHY359, C8319

UHY359 is one of a large batch of Bristol KSW type buses that became the standard for Bristol City Services during the nineteen fifties and the nineteen sixties. Entering service in 1955 she has a 6-cylinder Bristol AVW diesel engine, a four speed manual gearbox and a top speed of 31 mph! For the passengers there were 60 seats, an open platform and no heaters!

When she was withdrawn by Bristol she passed through North’s, the Leeds dealer, and into service with Voy of Newton Aycliffe.

She was acquired by William Staniforth for preservation and stored near Walsall, until she was acquired for the Collection by Mike Walker in late 2010. Although the intention is to restore the bus to her original condition, her Bristol engine will be replaced by a Gardner 6-cyliver unit so as to provide a spares for the AVW engines already in the fleet.