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1955 BRISTOL KSW6B UHY360, C8320

UHY360 is one of a large number of Bristol KSW type buses that became the standard for Bristol City Services during the nineteen fifties and nineteen sixties. Entering service in 1955 she has a 6-cylinder Bristol diesel engine and a four speed manual gearbox, giving a top speed of 31 m.p.h.! For the passengers there were sixty seats, an open platform and no saloon heaters!  

After a normal working life of 16 years, UHY360 passed straight into preservation. She had a variety of owners until Mike Walker acquired her three years ago from the Quantock heritage fleet near Taunton. Since then she has been “tidied up” inside and re-panelled and repainted outside, being presented as she may have looked during the last few years of her life in the early nineteen seventies, so that she could take her place at her 50 th birthday party at the 2005 Bristol Harbourside rally.