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1952 BRISTOL KSW6B OHY938, L8089

OHY938 was first licenced to the Bath Services subsidiary of Bristol Tramways and Carriage Company in September 1952, and was one of a batch of 10 similar buses. 5 of these (including OHY938) were fitted with Bristol built engines and 5 with Gardner diesel engines. This batch of buses had an upstairs sunken gangway and four abreast seating so as to lower the roofline to enable the bus to go under low bridges. Within a year or two, the low slung “Lodekka” bus (see 969 and 972EHW) would make this design redundant.  

After a full service life in Bath (including on the prestigious Bath to Salisbury route), OHY became a driver training bus, and then passed to Bristol Transport Historian Peter Davey who used her as his personal transport for almost thirty years. She passed to Geoff Green and to Mike Walker, who sent her to TDC Bodyshops at Lydney for a complete overhaul lasting almost two years. She returned to the rally circuit in 2004, and at Showbus, Duxford, in 2005 she was awarded “runner up” in the Doyen class for double deckers.